December 2, 2009

Fernanda's interview with Saramago

The weirdest interview that I have ever done was with José Saramago, who is a Portuguese writer. Saramago, who doesn't like paragraphs, commas or periods, has his own writing style. But his nice old appearance doesn't correspond to reality. Saramago,whose work gave him a Nobel prize years ago, is impatient and a little bit rude. He doesn´t like silly questions and at that time he answered them in a tough way. When the journalists that had just received his new book, the Cave, told him to say what the book was about, the writer yawned and said: Why don't you read it and you tell me? And for all the questions Saramago had agressive lines.It was hardly difficult to interview him because I like Saramago's books - blindness is my favorite book ever. At that time, I realized that some authors could stay at home without talking, only creating and writing. It's easier to keep our fantasies as we do when we read a romance. In conclusion, to meet an idol could be very frustrating!
By our journalist Fernanda

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