August 27, 2009

Pearl - The little landlord

I couldn't post it. But it is the funniest video I've ever seen!

Hardnews// Daily Mail found the Loch Ness monster on July 1st!

An image was picked up by a Google Earth satellite... the monster or just a boat? The British newspaper said that was the Loch Ness creature!!!!

Found: The Loch Ness moster

By Eddie Wrenn (Last updated at 8:46 AM on 01st June 2009)

It roamed the English channel more than 200 million years ago. And now the prehistoric monster has surfaced once more - in the limestone of Lyme Regis's famous 'Jurassic Coast'.

Excited archaeologists discovered the Loch Ness-style creature on the beach and have spent months piecing together a giant jigsaw composed of dozens of old bones to reveal the 12ft-long plesiosaur.

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August 25, 2009

Free Time - Unit 10

Today we covered page 111. We did "Sound Bites" and worked on its key expressions.
Come to think of it, it's a good idea to display those expressions right here.
Get to - annoy
That guy really gets to me.
This kind of music gets to me. It really disturbs me.
Catch up on work/chores - Do things that need to be done that you haven't had time to do yet. I have to catch up on my English homework.

Up to one's ears - Deeply involved or occupied to full capacity: We are up to our ears in work.

R and R - rest and relaxation: I need some R and R. I am stressed out!

Suggested free time activity: Workbook 91 and 92

August 24, 2009

August 20 - We started a new unit! YOUR FREE TIME

This lesson was dedicated to speaking. We discussed how technological advances have affected our lives the role of technology in our free time.

August 18, 2009

Indirect speech was the main issue of our class this morning.

The first part of our lesson was dedicated to workbook correction (pages 87, 88 and 89). We also did a listening task which provided us with the opportunity to analyze some situations by using modals and adjectives related to certainty.

From Least certain To Most certain
Unsolvable _ questionable - debatable - believable - provable

Amazing Homework: Write about an interesting experience (workbook page 90)
The teacher is looking forward to reading it!!!! Enjoy the pleasure of writing!

August 13, 2009

The class was dedicated to writing a news article. We talked about today's news and worked on the basic principles of a news article. Our articles:

Next Tuesday, in the House of Parliament, Lina Vieira is going to talk about the meeting she said she had had with Dilma Rousseff. She was "invited" to talk about it because the senators want to hear Lina's version in "CCJ".
By Chris, Fernanda and Fátima

Two days ago, the mayor of Cascavel decreed the closing of all the city public spaces to prevent the swine flu from spreading among the population.
By Jerry and Liliane

Due to time constraints, the articles were really brief. However, they provide relevant information to the readers. What should you have in mind when writing a news article? Question words! Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? A news article usually answers information questions about an event.

Expressions of the day:
I'm sick and tired of what is going on in the senate.
I can't stand this talk about the swine flu. I'm fed up!

Entertainment for the weekend:Exercise C, page 107

August 11, 2009

Evaluating the trustworthiness of news sources

Entertainment: Workbook pages 87, 88 and 89
Today we talked about how skeptical we all are in relation to the news we gather from papers, magazines, the internet, etc. We watched some on-the-street interviews and agreed that one cannot fully trust any form of news reporting.
Here are some of the expressions we used today:
Proverb: Take it with a grain of salt.
To consider something to be not completely true or right .
I've read the article, which I take with a grain of salt.
Bias: A tendency to support or oppose a particular person or thing in an unfair way by allowing personal opinions to influence your judgement. Reporters must be impartial and not show political bias. (Cambridge Dictionary)
Rob puts too much faith in what he reads. (He believes it too readily.)
harmful # harmless - Do you think hoaxes should be considered a crime or are they harmless?
Credible source = reputable (able to be trusted)