September 29, 2009

The Gangs of Rio

This week in "The New Yorker" magazine, the reporter Jon Lee Anderson writes about gangs in the favelas, or shantytowns, of Rio de Janeiro. In this audio slide show, Anderson discusses how the gangs operate and what local police have done to curb the illegal drug trade. All of this just a few days before the next olympic games host choice...

September 17, 2009

Review Class

Here we are again! As I was away for a week, nothing was posted about the last three classes. There was a lot of talk about risk-takers and risk-avoiders and from what I heard, Fernanda has the greatest big "T" personality of our class. She has bungee jumped and done other crazy things in life! Brave girl!
Today the class was dedicated to a review exercise in which passive modals, reported speech and the order of modifiers were worked on.

September 3, 2009

Is Technology Killing Leisure Time?

Today the class was dedicated to the reading passage on page 116. We all agreed technology has invaded our free time and texting has become part of our daily lives.
Key expressions of the lesson:
Staggering use - overwhelming, very shocking or surpising use
Harry Potter was a staggering success when it first came out.

To go awry - to go out of the right course / to go wrong
Anything that goes awry in the classroom is blamed on John.

Barely - almost not / By the smallest amount
He barely passed the course. His final average was 70 and the passing grade is 70.

We also covered exercises C and D on page 115.

Intellectually stimulating activities for the weekend: Grammar exchange, page 115 and workbook pages 93 and 94.

September 1, 2009

A class on modifiers

Today we talked about hobbies and activities that can be creatively stimulating, intellectually or physically challenging, etc. We observed how adverbs can modify verbs and adjectives and how modifiers are organized in a given sentence.
Prime 4 – Summit 1B – Unit 10 Modifying adverbs
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