November 4, 2009

Speech time: A lesson on euthanasia

On October 27, Jerry delivered a speech on a controversial issue: euthanasia, a method or act intended to end someone's suffering and life by causing his/her death without pain. According to our current Criminal Code, euthanasia is considered a crime. Jerry, who is a judge, led us to reflect upon this issue by presenting the concepts of disthanasia (the artificial and ruthless prolongation of the process of death of a terminal patient) and orthothanasia (the interruption of medical procedures for terminally ill patients with no more prospect of a decent life). It is not easy for family members, doctors and law authorities to decide on what to do when the issue of euthanasia arises.

We are already in Unit 2! Before Jerry's presentation, we discussed the social uses of lying. We agreed that we live in a society in which we are often rewarded for lying and punished for telling the truth. If you arrived late at work, would you tell your boss you simply woke up late? Would you make up a nice excuse?
Do you think it's OK to lie to avoid hurting someone's feeling?

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