November 4, 2009

OCtober 29 - Chris' speech day! A Nutritionist's Unforgettable Experience!

I was very frustrated in this particular class because the internet was not cooperative and I could not show my students a wonderful powerpoint presentation that Frank, the course supervisor, had added to our wiki. So we had a "traditional" class on adjective clauses and did the exercises on page 17. The last minutes of the class were dedicated to Chris' speech.

Chris decided to share a personal experience she had when she was doing her internship at HBDF. Chris was at the hospital visiting the patients and checking how well they had accepted their diets when something very unusual (At least to her!!) happened. Unfortunately, an old patient died in her own arms. It was definitely a very difficult situation for a young nutritionist to deal with.

Have you completed unit 1 in the workbook?

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